Bible Study

Do you practice the daily discipline of reading God's Word? Not only are we hopeful you are finding that quality time with the Lord, we have a journaling tool that will help you make the most of it. Connect Church has adopted a great way for you to observe and apply what you are reading daily in a way that can change your life and magnify your reading time.

The following are the general instructions for doing your daily Bible study:

  • SCRIPTURE - Read the passage of the day
  • OBSERVATION - Write the point of the passage
  • APPLICATION - Ask yourself how this Scripture applies to your life
  • PRAYER - Ask God to help you use this Scripture

The best way to go through a Bible study is to stay in the Word on a daily basis.  Then connect weekly in a Connection Group to share the passage together.  Our Connection Groups provide the support, friendship, and encouragement that cannot be found in a larger group setting, and create an atmosphere of personal and spiritual growth through Bible study, interaction, and common interest.

Join us Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM, or any of our Connection Groups throughout the week.

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Fall 2023

Studying God's Word Together

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Connection Groups

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Main Passage for September 24 – Mark 6:30-44 CSB

M         Mark 6:30-32

T          Mark 6:33-34

W        Mark 6:35-36

TH        Mark 6:37-38

F          Mark 6:39-41

S          Mark 6:42-44

Memory Verse: Mark 6:42

Everyone ate and was satisfied.