Connection Groups

A Christian’s life is not meant to be lived alone. However, with the increase in technology and our fast-paced lifestyles, many of us feel isolated and disconnected from one another. This can be especially true in South Florida.

The Connection Group Ministry of Connect Church is designed specifically to remove a sense of isolation and encourage meaningful relationships among individuals and families. As they meet on a regular basis, our Connection Groups provide the support, friendship, and encouragement that cannot be found in a larger group setting, and create an atmosphere of personal and spiritual growth through Bible study, interaction, and common interests.

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Connection Group Leaders

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Group TitleDayTimeAgesLeader(s)Childcare Availability
Senior AdultsSundays9:00-10:00AM60+Clayton HutchesonYes
WomenSundays9:00-10:15AM21+Cindy HutchisonYes
Parents of Young ChildrenSundays9:00-10:15AM21+Marlon FrancisYes
AdultsSundays9:00-10:15AM21+Rajiv & Sarah KhartiYes
Couples & FamilesSundays10:30-11:30AM21+Pastor Sam JayYes
Middle & High School StudentsSundays10:30-11:30AM17 & UnderPastor Tristan NelsonNo
AdultsSundays6:30-7:30PM21+Pastor Mike EleveldNo
AdultsSundays6:30-7:30PM21+David KentNo
MenMondays7:00-8:15PM21+Edgar GregoryNo
WomenTuesdays9:30-10:30AM21+Tryna GroatNo
Young AdultsTuesdays6:30-7:45PM18-26Maria MadrigalNo
AdultsTuesdays6:30-7:30PM21+Sylvia ThomasNo
AdultsTuesdays7:00-8:00PM21+Jim HowardNo
MOPs & MOMSnextWednesdays9:00-11:00AM18+Michelle WilliamsNo
WomenWednesdays7:00-8:15PM21+Molly MaharajYes
MenWednesdays7:00-8:15PM21+Greg MaffetYes
WomenWednesdays7:00-8:15PM21+Amanda GentryYes
AdultsWednesdays7:00-8:15PM21+Pastor Mike EleveldYes
AdultsWednesdays7:00-8:00PM21+Sam BurtonYes
AdultsWednesdays7:00 - 8:15PM21+Dr. Dale R. FairclothYes
Women (Widows)Thursdays1:30 - 3:00PM21+Patti SnowNo
AdultsThursdays7:00-8:15PM21+Leslie DakersNo
AdultsSaturdays6:00-7:00PM21+Neil PicartNo
AdultsSaturdays7:00-8:15PM21+Richard CooperNo
Couples & FamiliesSaturdays7:00-8:15PM21+Mark and Stacy GatlinNo
MenThursdays7:00-8:15PM21+Chip HausmanNo
AdultsThursdays7:00-8:15PM21+Isaias AlcalaNo

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