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Sunday Services broadcasts will stream (LIVE) the full service at 9:00 and 10:30 every Sunday morning with on-demand opportunities available at any time following.

Updates/Letters from Pastor Dale

Click below to read Pastor Dale's letters to the Connect Church family.

Sermon Video from Sunday – Jesus said, “Don’t Worry.” Follow this link to the sermon from Matthew 6 where Jesus explained about anxiety and worry. As believers, He has given us clear guidance to work on the things placed in our control and to have calm confidence by trusting Him with everything else.

Join us in prayer for all those affected by illness whether it be physically or those with anxiety in these uncertain times.

Updates. Please know your Elders and Pastors are meeting weekly, and more frequently if necessary, to maximize how we care for our congregation and meet your needs during this time. Periodic updates will be provided through email and posted on our website at, along with the current status of various events.

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