MARCH 2021

Mar 3 Wacky Socks Night (Wear your wackiest socks)

Mar 10 Backwards Night (Wear your clothes backwards and the evening will run backwards)

Mar 17 Spring Break

Mar 24 Dress Up Night (Dress as fancy or as silly as you would like)

Mar 31 Wanna Be Night (Who do you want to be when you grow up. Remember the most important thing)


APRIL 2021

Apr 7 Wacky Hat Night (Let us see your wackiest hats)

Apr 14 Mustache Night (Enjoy an evening with mustache silliness)

Apr 21 Chocolate Night (Earn extra chocolates for completing sections)

Apr 28 Fashion Disaster Night (Wear your craziest fashion, don’t forget the accessories)


MAY 2021

May 5 Animal Kingdom Night (Dress as your favorite animal, bring a stuffed animal)

May 12 Spring Garden Night (Gardens are a gift from God, show off flowers or veggies that grew in your garden)

May 19 Sundae Spectacular! (Ice Cream Celebration)

May 26 Awana Awards

** To be determined: Awana Grand Prix Date and workdays based on ability to gather on campus. Tentatively planned for March.